Nov 26, 2022 By:Wilco Van Starrenburg
We have been steadily working on the RPG that Vincent brought up in our previous post, and are ready to show you the first town in our next game: Quinn’s Quest

We will do a proper introduction of the game at a later point, but in short, Quinn’s Quest (working title) is an open world RPG that takes a lot of inspiration from the Gameboy Zelda games (puzzles, combat with loads of different enemy types) and a heavy narrative focus, with gathering & crafting to enrich the experience.

We play as Quinn, a young boy who eventually finds himself involved in adventures far bigger and scarier than the ones he would daydream about, but back at the start of his story, we get to explore his home town of Greymont.

The town square in Greymont
Click to play
The southern edge of town

Currently we are adding things to make the town feel more alive. We already have NPC’s with schedules, that go about their business every day, but we feel we can add more life to it by having critters, gently waving reeds, grass and trees. More NPC’s also couldn’t hurt, as well as some side-quests for the player to interact with.

A past version

Since we’ve been working on Quinn’s Quest for a couple years now, it shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone that there have been multiple iterations of Greymont. The structures we placed in Greymont initially were far too nice for the ‘medieval farmers village’ look we’re going for, so we have moved them to the town of Redhill.

An older version of Greymont, with buildings that were way too fancy