Dutch Game Awards Nominee

Sep 21, 2017 By:Jagaco

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We are over the moon with joy to be able to announce that Jagaco is nominated for a Dutch Game Award on the category “Best Serious Game”.

Our hard work over the last couple of years is apparently appreciated not only by our players, but also by a professional jury.

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We are creating Blokje Om in collaboration with Sophia Rehabilitation’s Smart Lab as the product owner and The Hague University, from which more than 25 students did extensive research and built several prototypes for the project. This triangle between business, care institution and education strengthened us all during the development of the game.

The idea for the game originates from the therapists at Sophia Rehabilitation. Before Blokje Om not all children could be trained in a proper way, they would go out onto the street with therapists to practice things like crossing the roads and recognizing where to drive or cycle. This sometimes lead to unpractical and down-right scary situations! Blokje Om changes that by giving the children virtual scenarios in which they can train in a safe and fun way while the therapists can more easily monitor of the progress of every child.

Over the course of 1,5 years multiple students from the Hague University did research on many subjects like “motion sickness in virtual reality” and “traffic safety monitoring”. A second group of students built prototypes of the software and the specialized hardware that is used to control the game. Other students created fun gameplay elements that challenge the children in the game.

Due to the close collaboration between Jagaco, Sophia Rehabilitation and the Hague University where we able to make the game fun for the children and a valuable asset for the therapists.

Find out more over the project here: Blokje Om