The Nintendo Switch released

Mar 16, 2017 By:Vincent Broeren

Image copyright© 2017 Nintendo


Two (out of three) of our programmers got the Nintendo Switch with Zelda Breath of the Wild last week. I can tell you that the release is NOT good for the productivity of them (me included). We made a new rule at the office: “No playing on the Switch during working hours”, but showing cool new stuff in Zelda is allowed (for only a few minutes). The rule only works partially, because staying up all night till 5 a.m. and then trying to be productive the next day is also not a very good combination. But Zelda is worth it, the game is absolutely amazing! Well done Nintendo!

On a more serious side; the way Nintendo is embracing the Indie-developers is a very refreshing approach. At Jagaco we are already thinking about our own Nintendo Switch game. Till November we’re fully booked, but after that we are exploring the possibilities to become a Nindie (Nintendo Indie). The price of a development kit is very affordable (only $500,-) and making our Fire engine run on the Switch doesn’t look that difficult. In the meantime we will be planning a Gamejam in which we can explore the possibilities of a game.

Happy gaming to you all!


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