Beta testing Started

Jul 8, 2015 By:Jagaco

Some days are worth remembering, this is one of those days…
Today marks the start of our beta testing period of Ungoverned Lands. Over the last couple of weeks we have worked hard to crush the last known bugs, and now we are at the point where others may test the game.

The testing will be phased into three tiers.

  • The first tier will be “over the shoulder”-testing. We will invite testers to our headquarters and let them test on our machines. This way we get the first gameplay input directly from our testers without possible machine compatibility issues.
  • The second tier will be our first distribution test. The game will run on the machines of our testers and we will get extra feedback on how the game performs on different platforms/machines.
  • The third tier will be a larger distribution test, which will also “stress-test” our servers.

The number of testers will increase with each tier that opens.
The first tier will start today, when the other tiers open is dependent on the amount of issues that arise during testing.
All of our testers will get emails when new tiers open if they are included in that tier.
Everyone who signed up for testing will have had the chance to play the game, before we conclude the testing period.