“Traffic training in a fun and engaging way”

Blokje Om is a virtual traffic training game aimed at a younger audience. With Blokje Om children can train how to safely participate in traffic while in a wheelchair or mobility scooter. It is important to teach them this as there are different rules and behaviors to take into account when operating a mobility scooter. We aim to train children virtually because training in a virtual environment is obviously safer than training in real traffic. This also allows Blokje Om to easily train kids in specific situations they would encounter on their way from home to school.
Because the game is in Virtual Reality it should be played with either an Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive. This allows the players to be fully emerged into the world and with the monitoring tools we provide with the game it is easy for the ‘mentor’/therapist to see if the player is looking both ways before crossing a street. This game is made in collaboration with the Smart Lab of Sophia Revalidatie in The Hague. They are also the first to use this applied game in their therapies.

For the therapist

Blokje Om trains your patients to safely navigate traffic, without having to risk life and limb to teach them out on the street. With Blokje Om they can get the training they need in a safer manner, using fewer man hours while being a lot more fun.
Your patients will get sent on missions that will take them out onto the streets of our virtual city, in which they will encounter loads of cars, cyclists, trucks, buses, pedestrians and more. The goal is just like it would be in real life: safely make it to your destination.
With this great variety of traffic, patients will learn to accurately gauge their specific behaviors such as acceleration and deceleration, without risking injury. They will also become more proficient in finding their way to a new destination using landmarks or GPS.

For the parents

Make sure your child is prepared to take part in traffic. It is hard enough to safely navigate today’s traffic, let alone do it in a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Blokje Om provides your child a safe and fun environment in which they can train themselves in a lot of different situations. We promise they will love it. It will be a game to them, while being taught valuable lessons in traffic safety.

Some in-game screenshots


If you are interested in a demo feel free to drop us a line here