“Educating about Information Security in a fun and engaging way”

Alpha is a real-time simulation game set in various professional work environments. In this world players take on the role of a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) to help out the people in the world with information security related questions and/or issues, as well as looking closely at the world to make sure nothing is out of order. After handling these events, either properly or poorly, the game provides feedback on the players performance.

A real-time simulation

In Alpha security threats happen in real-time and it is up to the player to prevent and/or mitigate them as they see fit. As a player you are part of a busy world full of people living their daily lives and doing their jobs. Within this life-like real-time world people are bound to make mistakes, will you be on time to stop a security disaster before it happens ?

Tailor made

While facing these Information Security challenges, we aim to provide our customers a fully customized experience to give them a game session that best fits their daily reality. For people playing the game to get the most out of it, it is important to create an environment that is relatable and which allows us to confront them with Information Security issues that they might run into during their daily work.

Flexible Scenario system

Apart from the various environments, the game system we created comes with a highly flexible ‘Scenario system’. This system allows us to create new scenarios (or small quests if you will) in the world that test the players knowledge of the Information security subjects relevant to them.

These scenario’s usually consist of short (or very complex) conversations with people in the game world who request your assistance with issues they run into, as well as security issues unfolding before your eyes which require the players guidance or timely intervention.

These scenario’s may vary from an unmanned pc not being locked to helping a remote employee to safely gain access to the company network. Due to the flexibility provided by the scenario system we are able to fine-tune the technical complexity of the scenarios based on the person playing the game. Making it both challenging and relevant for anyone from secretary to CTO.

Advanced reporting

Alpha generates detailed information about the performance of individual participants. through an online platform individual players get access to their progress and suggestions about improvements. Managers get acces to real-time statistics about the performance of their team or company as well as periodic reports.

This information can be used to pin-point the specific areas that require additional attention within a company. This way Alpha allows companies to create targetted and efficient Security awareness campaigns

Interested ?

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