Based in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands

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Q4, 2014

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Free as in beer


Ungoverned Lands is a hand painted 2D isometric Real-time strategy game (initially) for mobile platforms. Taking place in distant lands where a new powerful resource has erupted from the grounds. These riches attract governing powers from all over, who would kill for the potential it holds. Choose your side, which allegiance will you pledge too, show your commanding abilities. Lead your forces into victory taking the lands for their rightful owners as you claim more territory, extending your reach.


We felt that the mobile space was missing a real RTS game, like the onces we used to play in the past, so we set out to create one ourselfs. We are currently very early in development so not alot of history yet. To Be Continued...


  • Unique Factions - Choose your allegiance and fight for your greater good. Each side will offer their own visual appearance from structures to units each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Base Building - Build your outposts to start gathering the riches. Build food production for your labourers, send out gatherers, recruit units to fight for you.
  • World Map Control - Fight for land on the world map, invade and defend your precious locations, expand your territory. Gather more resources and unlock new buildings to build, units to recruit and fights to fight.
  • Painted 2D isometric world- Everything is hand painted digitally in an unique vibrant style where we try to bring in illustrative qualities to your strategy gameplay. Offering detailed tile based environment, structures and units.


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Jagaco is an independent Indie Game Developer based in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. Our mission is to ‘improve the world, through games’. Jagaco does this by creating Entertainment games and Applied games for consumers and business.

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Ungoverned Lands Credits

Remco Brilstra

Vincent Broeren

Myron Poeteray

Wilco van Starrenburg

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks