We at Jagaco have been developing our own software and tooling for a long time now. Our custom engine and editor have allowed us to optimize our workflow to the max!
Below you will find us showing off our handy work.

Fire Engine

The fire engine, is a custom built 2D/3D game engine which we use to create all our games. It’s currently strongly specialized in 2D isometric games like you’d see in RTS’s and ‘God’ games, but we’re slowly expanding it to have it support more general purpose 3D functions.


More coming soon

Matchbox Editor

Our Editor helps us create games, manage assets and edit scenes. All of our individual tools are collected in Matchbox, and as such it sports features like a texture atlas generator, scenario (mission) editor, an animation editor, a level editor, a complete and fully automated asset pipeline and an RPG style conversation building and editing tool.


More coming soon