We are Jagaco

At Jagaco we work with a dynamic team of interns, freelancers and a small core team. Below you’ll find the folks who make it all happen.


Remco Brilstra

Code monkey

Framework wizard, secretly our webdude, uses too many var’s. Great coder.


Vincent Broeren

Byte cruncher

Our regular academic enriches us with random facts and baffling code.


Wilco van Starrenburg

Pixel wizard

This mighty force of pixelry, povides us with unwanted opinions and pretty pictures.

Mathijs Koning

Inhouse Audio Dude

Our very own blonde Hercules, the master of dungeons, the manipulator of tunes and the creator of melodies.

Special Thanks

To all those who have shared with us their wisdom and/or skills over the years, you know who you are!

Are we missing anyone ?

Feel like you should be part of this epic team ?

Although we aren’t currently looking to fill any full-time positions or internships, we are always interested to get in touch with you and speak about our mutual passions!

So what’s stopping you 🙂